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Benefits of a Mud Body Mask

The Mud Body Mask works on shrinking the fat tissue called cellulite that is found directly below the surface of the skin. The result of the Mud Body Mask is a loss of inches immediately after a one-hour treatment. This is not a temporary water loss; it is a permanent loss of inches at your current weight.

Your body is coated with a mud mixture made from our own herbal solution with strong detox properties and two types of clay. Once covered in mud, you are wrapped in sheets and blankets for an hour.

A Mud Body Mask works on cellulite–the lumps, bulges and bumps that form on the thighs, hips, stomach and upper arms. Because cellulite is not regular fat, diet and exercise do not take it off. Cellulite is not a medical term; medically speaking, it is toxified fatty deposits. A Mud Body Mask triggers the body to release these toxins, and causes the loss of inches.

Toxins that have accumulated in cellulite have built up over a long period of time. You will not lose all of them with just one Mud Body Mask, and thus we recommend a series of treatments. We offer discounted packages to make this an affordable option for our clients.

You will get results from one Mud Body Mask, but the best results come from a good diet, exercise, drinking plenty of pure water, and a series of treatments. Mud Body Masks work for both men and women. Wherever your tissue is the softest and flabbiest, you will firm, tone, and reduce the most. If you are allergic to shellfish, please notify us prior to your appointment so that we can use a special solution that does not contain iodine.

Mud Body Mask Procedures

For your comfort we suggest you do not eat for at least three hours prior to your session. Also, control your fluid intake for an hour or so prior to your treatment, as you will not be able to use the restroom while you are wrapped. Avoid your shaving legs and underarms the day of your Mud Body Mask until after the session.

The process of skin tightening from your body mask can be continued for several days afterwards by retaining the fluid on the skin for several days. This is done by showering only with cool water, and restricting use of soap to groin and underarms. Creams and lotions also inhibit the body mask solution and should be avoided for several days.

Any other spa services such as a mineral bath, the use of the steam room, or a massage should be done before your Mud Body Mask. If you get a massage, please shower carefully prior to your body mask. Oils and lotions should be removed from your skin prior to the Mud Body Mask.

The Mud Body Mask solution contains our wonderful mineral water, mud, and our own herbal detox formula. We will supply you with pure well water to drink. The loss of toxins will leave your skin looking fresh and clear. Most people experience a boost of energy and leave feeling good inside and out.

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