The Hot Springs

At Steamboat Hot Springs, it’s about the Water!

The uniqueness of Steamboat Hot Springs lies in the healing qualities of its natural mineral water. These properties make it completely matchless as a spa destination.

The Steamboat Hot Springs waters are classed as “thermal waters” of volcanic origin, maintaining high heat as well as high mineral content. The temperature of the water as it reaches the earth’s surface is between 200 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This artesian well produces superheated steam that has been measured at 300 degrees, along with the water. The mineral water flows into a system of holding tanks and a cooling tank, providing us with a supply of both hot and cool mineral water.

Water is piped from the holding tanks into the spa building, where all of the water supplied to the soaking tubs is mineral water. Our steam room is also supplied by the hot mineral water in its natural state, just as it comes out of the ground.

The mineral water contains numerous sulfate minerals that are derived from the weathering of sulfides deposited from the hot water. Some of these minerals are extremely rare. One type found here has been hitherto known only in Chile in South America, while another is a borax mineral not known before in the United States. Some of the minerals include silica, antinomious anhydride, phosphoric anhydride, magnesium, soda, lithia, and potassium.

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