Cancer Care Services

Cancer patients and survivors have unique needs originating from their disease and the rigors of treatment. Our therapist is trained by Cancer specialists to provide services that are supportive and medically approved to assist with the healing progress of the patient.

Cancer Care Massage

60 minutes - $136

A gentle massage medically approved for Cancer patients providing stress relief and relaxation, while improving physical wellbeing. A powerful treatment adjusted to the needs of each client and medical guidelines.

Restorative Yoga for Cancer

60 minutes – $60

Private session with a professional trained in the needs of Cancer patients. Hands-on assistance in designing a customized therapeutic Yoga routine.

Cancer Care Spa Day


*Currently Only Available on Saturdays*

Cancer Care Consultation – 30 mins
Private Restorative Yoga – 60 mins
Mineral Bath – 30 mins
Cancer Care Massage – 60 mins

Starting with a consultation, the therapist will gain insight into the client’s needs and goals. The mineral bath is temperature safe. Throughout the package, special care and attention are given to areas that have received treatment.
A $229 value.

Individual Restorative Yoga Sessions

$60 – 60-minute private session

This session is tailored to the individual needs of each participant in order to provide a true, healing experience. You have an opportunity to work with a yoga professional in a hands on session that will provide positions and routines that are tailored to your body. The session results in a routine that you can follow which is tailored for your health and fitness needs. Particularly recommended for individuals recovering from injury, suffering from chronic pain or illness. As your health improves repeat sessions will provide new avenues to better health.