Sonatherapy Services

Sonatherapy is healing with sound, light and color. Our bodies have a frequency of health for every cell system. Exposing the body to the frequencies of health assists the body to heal itself. You will feel better after a treatment.

Sonatherapy Pricing

Sonatherapy Package - $208

60 min Mineral Bath*
60 min Signature Massage
The Mineral Bath and Massage make the body more receptive to the Sound & Light Frequencies so the total effect of the therapy is enhanced. A $247 value.

* 60 min Mineral Bath includes use of Steam Room & Outdoor tub

1 Hour of Sonatherapy – $125

60 min Sonatherapy Session

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What is Sonatherapy?

Sonatherapy®: Healing with Sound, Light, Color, Water & Subtle Energies, was developed especially for clients at Steamboat Healing Center by Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan beginning in early 2004. In-residence, Dr. Buchanan has treated hundreds of clients and compiled a myriad of successful case studies since that time.

Conditions that may be treated typically include bones, muscles, and joints; inflammation, pain, and circulatory problems; organic, respiratory, and digestive disorders; simple strains, fractures, bruises, along with skin conditions; and a host of common ailments that conventional medicine rarely addresses. Post-surgical sessions can also speed the healing of wounds, reduction of scar tissue, and restoration of movement. All kinds of issues, including arthritis and gout, for example, are treated with good outcomes.

Dr Buchanan, an internationally recognized educator and lecturer, holds numerous degrees and certificates from institutions where he has both studied and taught, including the N.C. School of the Arts; Univ. of N.C.; Academia Chigiana in Siena, Italy; Univ. of Washington; and the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia. Since 1979 he has been in-residence with Cosolargy International, Jamilian University, and the Healing Center here in Nevada.

As a certified Cymatic Therapist, Buchanan treats all kinds of client conditions each week – using the basic “sound” technology, but also including light and color, as well as sound combinations in the special geothermal waters of Steamboat Hot Springs. Sonatherapy® is a non-invasive healing approach using bioresonant vibrations scientifically proven beneficial to the body and its energetic fields. Over the last two decades, all kinds of conditions have been successfully addressed. There have never been any negative outcomes among clients experiencing Sonatherapy®. Clients always feel better afterward!


VITALITY (Stabilize) is a 6-frequency Sonation often used in Sonatherapy treatments to help boost and stabilize the body’s vital energies. The sound array may help stimulate areas of low energy, lack of sensitivity, or weak physical strength. It may also aid in self-healing functions.

Applicators (stereo speakers or transducers) are placed at the area lacking in energy, for example, at the solar plexus. The sound is never loud, but it only needs to be “felt.”

The recording (Video and/or Sound) contains a recurring low “pulse tone fundamental” of 40 Hz that builds, sustains, and decreases in 6.8 second intervals – a technique developed by Dr. Olav Skille in Oslo. It may therefore also be used in a WBV sound table, with or without headphones.

Dr. Buchanan also maintains several Sonatherapy® Web Sites. Please visit: