Disease can be viewed as a result of human cells vibrating at a disharmonized frequency. Our unique Chakra Alignment Therapy (CAT) is a CymaSonic healing technique that uses sound and frequency to harmonize the cells within the body to aid a person’s self-healing ability by re-aligning the chakra energy centers.

CAT is based on Cymatic therapies developed by Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, a pioneer in the constantly evolving field of vibrational healing. This specific therapy is offered exclusively at Steamboat Hot Springs, developed by the late Dr. Gary Buchanan and Master Yukinori Matsushita in Japan, both of whom were mentored by Dr. Manners.

Chakra Alignment Therapy

60 minutes – $248

Available starting December: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Includes consultation with trained Chakra Alignment therapist, Kiana Broome to create a customized chakra alignment treatment with sound frequencies and colored LED lighting devices and sound frequency-charged water.

chakra alignment

Kiana Broome

Kiana Broome is a certified Chakra Alignment therapist. Her goal is to assist her clients in achieving their wellness goals through identifying imbalances and establishing greater harmony through renewing one’s relationship with the body.