What makes our mineral water special?

Since our mineral water comes directly out of our geothermal well at over 230°F, our geothermal waters are unique in geological formation and mineral content. The physical, chemical, and biological signatures of the silica deposits reflect the area’s dynamic geological and thermal history. Our mineral water contains a unique combination of sulfate minerals not found anywhere else in the U.S. In addition to sulfate, our waters contain sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, lithium, and boron which amplify the therapeutic value of the water by aiding in detoxification, releasing tension, increasing circulation, nourishing skin, and promoting deep relaxation.

Is the water chlorinated?

Our geothermal water is not treated in any way but our shower water does have a minimal amount of chlorine, though not any more than your shower at home!

What should I bring with me?

Swimwear is required for use of the Infrared Sauna or the Outdoor Tub. Additionally, we ask that clients bring their own towels for drying off and sandals or flip-flops to help get around the facility easily, though if needed we offer towel rentals for $3 and we have flip-flops available for purchase.

What is provided?

For mineral baths we provide a cup of cold drinking water, a cold face towel, and aromatherapy options. For guests receiving a therapy service, we provide robes for transitions during services as well as cold drinking water afterwards. We also provide complimentary tea in the lobby for guests to enjoy before, during and after any services with us.

Is the soaking private or public?

All our soaking options are private, both indoors and outdoors.

What is the temperature?

At our facility we allow guests to adjust their own temperatures in their private rooms; the outdoor tub temperature is regulated by staff. The temperatures of the mineral water fluctuate depending on how the earth is feeling so we measure daily and display them in the reception area. Our cold temperatures range anywhere from 50°F – 90°F and our hot temperatures range from 130°F – 150°F on any given day. For this reason, our staff will start the bath for guests as well as provide a briefing on how to safely adjust your temperatures. We also include a thermometer in each room so adjustments can be made safely.

Is clothing optional?

Since our indoor tub rooms are completely private with a locking door, clothing is optional inside your room. Though our outdoor tub is private during the session, we do require swimwear since our staff can access that area for temperature adjustments.

Is the tub full?

We drain and fill the indoor tubs with fresh mineral water for every client. This means the indoor tub is likely to be filled with water when guests get checked in.

How large are the tubs?

Most of our indoor tub rooms resemble an oversized bath tub that can fit up to 2 people. If you enjoy lots of leg room, want to stretch out, or are very tall/large it is recommended to reserve a separate tub room.

Do you have a large pool?

We do not currently have a large pool – our outdoor tub is about the size of a hot tub and can fit up to 5 people at once comfortably.

Do you have showers?

Each private room has a shower inside the room with hot and cold water available and our outdoor tub has a cold shower nearby. Guests are welcome to bring their own shampoo, conditioner, and body soap for indoor showers, but we ask guests not to use any products in the outdoor shower. We have locally handcrafted body soap available for purchase in our reception area if needed and we provide shampoo and conditioner upon request if you forget to bring some! If any additional showers are needed PLEASE be sure to book it ahead of time. We cannot guarantee indoor shower availability after massage/ sauna/ or outdoor soaking without appointment.

Where do I put my personal belongings?

In each private tub room is a bench seating area where guests may keep personal items and a hook to hang up jackets. For outdoor tub soaking, we ask clients to take their belongings outside with them, there is a deck and chairs surrounding the tub area.

How are the rooms cleaned?

We use a medical grade disinfectant to clean the rooms in between every use as well as overnight. In addition to regular deep-cleaning done by staff we also have a professional cleaning company deep-clean tub rooms. The tubs are completely drained and refilled with fresh mineral water between each reservation. Our outdoor tub is completely drained and cleaned 3 times a week and as the mineral water is always flowing and draining, the water in the tub completely cycles every 30 minutes.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, but since we are a smaller facility it is not always a guarantee we will have availability for walk-ins. We are less likely to have walk-in availability on weekends. We recommend guests to create a reservation in advance either over the phone (775-853-6600), via email (frontdesk@steamboatsprings.org), or on our website (www.steamboatsprings.org).

Do you allow children?

To maintain our calm and tranquil environment, we do not allow children under the age of 12 to be present at the facility, especially since our water does get very hot. Children aged 12 to 15 are allowed to soak but must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian at all times. Children aged 16 to 18 may soak alone with the presence of the parent/legal guardian on site. Children aged 16 to 18 may receive massage services with us if the parent/legal guardian is in the room while the service is being done; additionally, the child must be booked with a therapist of the same sex.

Is this a day use facility?

Since we are a smaller facility, we are not a day use spa. We have rates for soaking in 30 minute increments up to 2 hours maximum. We have package options that can take around 3-4 hours to complete if guests would like to spend a few hours unwinding with us.

Do you provide any food or beverages?

We provide complimentary tea and drinking water, but we do not provide any food on-site. Guests are welcome to bring snacks and beverages; for safety reasons alcohol and glass containers are prohibited.

Is there lodging available?

Unfortunately we do not have lodging facilities on site, but we are a short distance from many options in the greater Reno area.

Are there RV accommodations?

We do not have hook ups or accommodations for RVs. We ask guests with RVs or large vehicles to park slightly further up the road so we can keep the parking lot open and accessible for other guests as well.