60-Minute Vibrational Therapy Session

Feeling out of sorts with your own energy? Maybe it’s time you try Vibrational Therapy! Steamboat has partnered with Michaela Southard to bring a new offering- a 60-minute Vibrational Therapy session. This includes energetic healing, which is proven to relax the body, release tension, and elevate your mood which will leave you feeling refreshed, lighter, and aligned with your current reality.

60-minute Vibrational Therapy Session

$90 – (60 minutes)

This session includes:

 A live sound bath
Laying of crystals upon targeted areas of the body
Energetic healing

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Meet Michaela

Michaela is our Vibrational Healing therapist.

Since childhood, Michaela has had a gift for music, singing and playing many instruments. She always knew that music would unfold a path in her life that would lead somewhere profound. Several years ago she began a healing journey that brought her to train in Shamanic healing arts, Metaphysical & Energetic Medicine, Sound Healing, and Vocal Activation. It is her desire to help ease the emotional stress of her clients, while encouraging their full expression of spirit.

You can schedule a Vibrational Healing session with Michaela by giving us a call or scheduling it below.

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vibrational therapy session