Steamboat Hot Springs is a natural spring with geothermal mineral water. Mineral water is defined as water that contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals or gases. Most mineral water from natural springs contains calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium sulfate, and is impregnated with carbon dioxide. All of these elements are found in the Steamboat water. In addition, our water also contains sulfur, lithia, soda and a high level of silica.

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Come On In, It’s Safer In Here.

November 18, 2020

Our Facility is now Disinfected and Protected by Enviro-Master for hospital level safety. View the Enviro-Master Video.

  • Disinfected & Protected
  • Masks must be worn.
  • Health Checking is practiced.
  • Massage is Available.

Massage is available. Our massage rooms are sanitized after…

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Woman receiving hot rock treatment at Steamboat Springs

There’s no more relaxing environment to treat yourself to a day of zen than at our relaxing Reno spa amongst our serene Nevada hot springs healing center. From deep-tissue and prenatal massages to reflexology, our seasoned Reno massage therapists offer an array of massage treatments to choose from—browse our massage services below, or reach out today to book a relaxing Reno massage.



Steamboat acquired its name from cracks in the earth emitting steam. Sheds constructed over these cracks provided steam baths and a sixty foot geyser was a major attraction. In 1861 a 34 bed hospital was constructed by Dr. Ellis to treat patients using the natural healing properties of the hot springs. Dr. Ellis received his hydrotherapy training in Bavaria and Steamboat was the first location in the world outside of Bavaria to apply the hydrotherapy techniques later replicated in the famous Spas of Europe.




Designed to help with sore muscles and effects of athletic activity.


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Lymphatic stimulation helps recovery from illness, or to ward off some oncoming health concerns.


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Rejuvenate through the release of tension and stress.


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Relaxing massage followed by full body scrub for exfoliation and a deep moisturizing treatment.


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Designed to help ease both physical and mental tensions leaving you clear-headed and fully relaxed.


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Ultimate Spa Day

Dr. Edna Carver and her groundbreaking therapeutic treatments inspire our powerful detox mud treatment.


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Naturopathic Consultations

The Consultation produces a custom blend of aromatherapy to enhance the value of the following Mineral Bath and Signature Massage.


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Bridal Party

Now it’s time to gather your leading ladies and say yes to a bridal party chock-full of relaxation, serenity, and wellness

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Chakra Alignment

Chakra alignment services with LED lighting devices.


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5 star rating

“The setting is historic. The soaking tubs are clean and the water made my skin feel soft. The massage I received was professional and effective. I felt much better after my appointment. Thank you.”

Patty B.