Sweet Satisfaction Special

Sweet Satisfaction Special Featuring our Heart's Delight Essential Oil Blend (Lavender, Geranium & Cedarwood) A 30 minute Mineral Bath with Lavender & Rose Epsom Salts & our Heart's Delight Essential Oil Blend & Cold towels A 60 minute Signature Massage with Hot Stones A 30 minute Geranium & Cedarwood Hand & Foot Scrub with a Lavender Body Butter Hydration Gift - Wild Sierra Lavender Soap Book this [...]

Sweet Satisfaction Special2023-01-30T16:49:02-08:00

Winter CBD Melt Special

Winter CBD Melt Special Featuring Our Winter Wonderland Essential Oil Blend (Camphor, Pine, and Wintergreen) This Special Includes: 30-minute bath with therapy with Vertly CBD bath salts and Winter Wonderland Essential Oil Blend 15-minute Full Body Gua Sha Lymphatic Treatment 30-minute massage with CBD oil CBD wrap for 45 minutes to let the CBD set [...]

Winter CBD Melt Special2023-01-30T16:41:29-08:00

Pumpkin Spice Special

Pumpkin Spice Special Featuring Our Soothing Pumpkin Essential Oil Blend (Vanilla, Sweet Orange, Cardamom) This Special Includes: A 30 Minute Private Mineral Bath with Soothing Pumpkin Aromatherapy and Cold Towel A 60 Minute Full Body Signature Massage with Hot Stone Therapy A 30 minute Foot Massage with Soothing Pumpkin body butter hydration Pumpkin Spice, why [...]

Pumpkin Spice Special2022-11-18T10:53:40-08:00

Summer Refresher Special

Summer Refresher Special Featuring Our Refreshing Endless Summer Aromatherapy Blend (Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, Peppermint) This Special Includes: A 30 Minute Private Mineral Bath with our Endless Summer Aromatherapy Blend, Cold Face Towels, & a Cold, Refreshing Minty Green Tea Beverage A 30 Minute Full Body Matcha Scrub with Peppermint, A 60 Minute Full Body Signature Massage, [...]

Summer Refresher Special2022-08-03T12:23:06-07:00

Heart of Rose Sound Bath Event

Enjoy a 60 Minute Mineral Bath Followed by a 60 Minute Sound Healing Lead by the Cosmic Hearts 5:45 PM Session- Individual & Couples Slots Available 7:00 PM Session- Individual & Couples Slots Available 60 Minute Mineral Bath + Sound Healing Single- $50 60 Minute Mineral Bath + Sound Healing Couple- $95 Sound Healing Only- $25 per person Upgrades [...]

Heart of Rose Sound Bath Event2022-05-02T13:49:46-07:00

Mom’s Day Off Special

Mom's Day Off Special 30 minute Mineral Bath with Himalayan Salt, Black Lava Salt & Rose Petal Bath Soak & your choice of Rose or Rosewood Essential Oil 30 Minute Full Body Coffee Scrub 60 Minute Signature Massage 15 minute Rosehip Oil Full Body Hydration Includes a Complimentary Gift A $232 value for only $197! (A $35 Discount) Available May 1st - May 31st

Mom’s Day Off Special2022-05-02T13:40:50-07:00

Synergy Special

Synergy Special Includes: A 30 minute Mineral Bath with our Fitness Blend (A Blend of Camphor, Pine & Wintergreen) A 90 minute Signature Massage with Cupping & BioFreeze Gift: A Choice of Fitness Room Spray or Fitness Essential Oil Roller Cupping is an special therapy technique that is excellent in increasing blood flow & lymphatic circulation. It can also aid in [...]

Synergy Special2022-03-17T13:16:40-07:00

Energetic Therapy with Michael Limacher

Michael Limacher has been coming to Steamboat to share his Energy-Healing with us for over 20 years. Although he now resides in Homer, Alaska he returns to Steamboat in the spring and fall to share his unique work with us. We are most fortunate to have him. He will come to Steamboat from Alaska this month [...]

Energetic Therapy with Michael Limacher2022-03-17T13:10:25-07:00

Aromatouch Spring Special

Book an AromaTouch Body Treatment at a discounted rate until the end of April! AromaTouch is a unique technique that aids in stress management, reduces inflammation, improves sleep, supports the immune system, helps with muscle aches & body pains, plus many more benefits! Try it out for yourself to feel the difference in your body! (Doterra oils included [...]

Aromatouch Spring Special2022-03-17T14:05:18-07:00

Calm, Blissful Day (CBD) Special

Calm, Blissful Day (CBD) Special Featuring WELL CBD Products 30 minute Mineral Bath with our Calm & Cleanse Essential Oil Blend (A Blend of Lavender, Lemongrass & Frankincense) 60 minute Signature Massage with WELL Lemongrass CBD Lotion 30 minute WELL CBD Lavender Mud Face Massage with Rose Quartz Gua Sha Face Stone Gift - Rose Quartz Gua Sha Face Stone & CBD Serum Booster (A $19 value) A $227 [...]

Calm, Blissful Day (CBD) Special2022-01-27T15:12:15-08:00
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