• Massage is now Available.
  • Private tub rooms are sanitized.
  • Health Checking is practiced.

Massage is now available. Our massage rooms are sanitized after each use & all therapists wear Masks during treatments. Availability is limited by the need to maintain safe distance and for additional cleaning protocols.

Private tub rooms are sanitized before each customer and filled with fresh geothermal water straight from the well. We use an
antiviral/antibacterial product that gives a hospital level clean and has been shown effective against viruses and bacteria including HIV, Hep C and Mrsa. The Outdoor Tub, Steam Room & Sauna are limited to single use. Mask must be worn in all public areas.

Health checking is practiced to main a safe environment. Temperatures & Oxygen level checked for all staff daily & all guests upon arrival. Social distancing practiced throughout the facility. Hand Sanitizer provided. We will be unable to serve guests failing Health Checks

We are limited to service by Appointment Only.
This facilitates maintaining social distancing for your safety.

Call to make an Appointment
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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