Take a moment to step outside. Spring is here. The trees are sprouting leaves, flowers are blooming, birds are pairing up and laying eggs, and the beauty of nature is all around us. Take a walk. Clear the gloomy corners of your mind. Get your blood flowing. Start looking forward to a fresh start. Day to day activities may not look like they did two months ago, but that’s okay. This virus will pass just like all viruses before. We are resilient.

Many of us probably don’t realize that we are improving our health while staying at home. We have been making more home cooked meals, sleeping more and giving our bodies a chance to shift to a slower pace of life.  Outdoor activities are boosting our immune systems through exercise and vitamin D. We are spending more quality time with loved ones. We have reached out to those we haven’t talked to in a while and reconnected friendships. The future is bright with many opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

As we look forward to the days of finding a new normal, may we look for more balance in our lives.  May we nourish our souls as well as our bodies. Listen to the whisperings of your heart. Take action on things that bring you joy. Find ways to make a better you.

Susan Schafer, ND, MFT
Lead Massage Therapist
Steamboat Hot Springs

Nesting Dove at Steamboat Springs