Trauma Relief Services

TRE or Trauma Release Exercises, is a somatic release technique that activates the natural tremor response to shake off and discharge any stored tension or trauma in the body. Developed by Dr. David Berceli, he founded this technique working in war torn countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East, where he noticed people shaking after going through periods of extreme threat. Through his research, he found that every animal on the planet has this exact same ability to shake off and discharge trauma. For example, when animals in the wild survive a traumatic experience, such as a gazelle surviving a lion attack, they will shake to discharge the trauma experienced in that attack. Humans have this same ability. Unfortunately our modern society has taught us to hold it in, as shaking is not seen as socially acceptable. Because trauma is anything that is overwhelming to our nervous system and we are not discharging the trauma from our physical bodies, this leads to many underlying health issues over time. Utilizing TRE helps us to not only discharge that trauma, it also helps us reconnect to our bodies and build a healthy relationship with our human organism for optimal well being.

Meet Timothy Gay!

Timothy Gay is a Healing Artist specializing in Energy Healing and Somatic Release. His journey into healing work helped him overcome 20 years of suicidal depression and led him to become a practitioner himself. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Timothy has made Reno his home for the past 4 years. His mission is to help people heal their generational trauma and tap into their infinite power within.

How a TRE Session Works

The goal of a TRE session is to activate the tremor mechanism for you to discharge trauma. You will be guided through 7 exercises designed to stretch and fatigue the body and prepare the body for tremoring. All exercises are able to have variations made for elderly or injured clients, or for anyone experiencing pain. Once the tremors are activated, you will tremor for 15 minutes. During this time, you will be monitored by your TRE provider who will be holding space for you. You will also be shown the “rest position” which you can use if anything is overwhelming physically, mentally, emotionally, or if anything is too much for any reason. After your session, you will be guided through an aftercare and integration process which will complete your session.

Watch Timothy’s Virtual TRE Session