Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa is unique among spas, offering our guests the opportunity to experience the positive effects derived from true natural healing waters of volcanic origin. Our waters contain numerous sulfate minerals, as well as extremely rare minerals, found nowhere else in the United States.

Soaking in the rare geothermal mineral waters of Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa has a unique way of leaving our guests relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling like they have taken a wonderful step into vibrant health and healing.

Steamboat has a variety of different colored hot tub rooms, all with a focus on different chakras so you can have a truly individualized experience. You can find images of a few of our tub options on this page. For more information on the different tubs and the chakras associated with each room, give us a call!

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Hot Springs Services

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(775) 853-6600
1 hour - $25/person
1 hour - $45/couple
1/2 hour - $20/person
1/2 hour with therapy - $15/person
1/2 hour - $35/couple
6-visit Mineral Bath Pass (1 hour each) - $120
Add Aromatherapy Essential Oil Bath - *
Add Dead Sea Salts (bath) - $5
Outdoor Tub & Shower - $15
Reserve Outdoor Tub (5 person max) - $60/hour
Geothermal Steam Room - *
Add Aromatherapy Essential Oil (steam room) - *
1/2 hours Far Infrared Sauna - $20/person
1.5 hour Sauna & Mineral Bath Combined - $35/person

* Included on regular priced services